Rug (Blanket/Pad) Wash

Rug (Blanket/Pad) Wash

After trying every type of laundry powder around to get our own rugs clean, we saw the need to develop a product that will remove all the protein stains and the mud from rugs and horse gear.


Washing a Canvas Rug

To wash a rug that is too large for your washing machine lay the rug out on a flat surface. Apply pre-mixed Dr Show Rug Wash over the rug and gently massage the solution across the rug.


Ensure that you get the rug wash on all surfaces and they are thoroughly covered. Once this is achieved leave for at least 10 - 20 minutes to allow the enzymes to work. Repeat this process on both sides.


Rinse the rug thoroughly with fresh water and hang up and allow to dry.


Tips to improve the performance of our Rug Wash:

  • Always dissolves the powders in warm/hot water to activate the enzymes.

  • Mix the Rug Wash up in warm to hot water in a bucket.

  • Use a soft hair broom, Do Not Scrub with a stiff broom as you may damage the waterproof membrane in the rug.

  • If required repeat the above steps. The rug in the photo washed cleaned in one application.